#meet up

To meet up is to meet someone, or a group of people, in order to do something together.
Examples of use:
a) Can we meet meet up for lunch next week to discuss your plans for the business?
b) The accountant and I are meeting up at 2pm tomorrow to check the business accounts.

#lay off

If a business lays off workers (or lays workers off) it stops employing them because there is no more work for them to do.
Examples of use:
a) He was laid off six weeks ago.
b) Many companies laid off workers during the recession.
c) News item: The space shuttle engine manufacturer plans to lay off 69 workers at Kennedy Space Center in July.

#knuckle down

To knuckle down is to start to work or study very hard.
Examples of use:
a) I’m not very impressed with your work. Knuckle down; or you will have to leave the company.
b) We all knuckled down and finished the work before the deadline.
c) Our employees should spend less time on Facebook, and knuckle down and get on with their work.

#hire out (outsource)

If you hire out something (or hire something out), you allow someone to pay you money so that they can use it for a short time. British and Australian English.
Examples of use:
a) We hire out virtual assistants for small and medium businesses.
b) They hire out gardening machinery on a daily rate.
c) We’re starting a new business hiring out limousines for weddings and parties.